Day 3: Kimi’s Adventure to the CDC Escape Game in Alpharetta.

Well, my fellow heist enthusiasts, today I went to the CDC in Alpharetta. If you don’t know, CDC stands for Center for Disease Control. I met a lot of doctors and scientists while there, all working to fight disease and help make the world a better place. Interesting to see how much the doctors there all work as a team to succeed. Something to consider in the future. 

I went to the CDC with my team consisting of myself, Vinny Esposito and Mr. Magic. Vinny pulled some strings and got us a special behind the scenes tour of the place with the actual director of the CDC! It was such an amazing learning experience for all of us. It was a nice day out of the Roswell/Alpharetta area, though there is something wonderful about that part of town, if I do say so myself.

However, what started as an interesting experience became even more interesting when the CDC went on lockdown while I was there. I was trapped in a room with Vinny, Mr. Magic and the CDC director. We had to work together to get out in time! Teamwork and team building is always key in situations like this. Vinny brought all of us together to keep us calm. The CDC director gave us the lowdown on the room and how everything worked. Mr. Magic brought some of his special magic devices to help us escape. I oversaw the plan.

We used Mr. Magic’s device to hack a keypad to a small closet containing some rope and metal hangars. The CDC director had told us what was inside of the closet. Vinny helped me fashion some grappling hooks, and we made our daring escape out the CDC window to safety. Of course, everything was fine at the CDC! All this had been a test of our skills, claimed the CDC director. He said our teamwork was what got us out in time! 

Now it’s time to get our minds back on the heist of the Priscilla Diamond.

– Kimi Braxton