The life of a Gam Master at Urban Escape Games in Alpharetta is great! So many times we have people who come play our Escape Rooms ask us what it is like to be a Game Master. They are so curious as to what it would be like to watch a team play one of our Escape Games. So today I am going to give you the inside scoop on the role of a Game Master! First, to start, let’s go over exactly what a Game Master is, for those people who have never played an Escape Game before. A Game Master is the person who has eyes and ears on your team the entire time you are playing our Escape Games, they give your team clues and hints and help guide your team through the game.

So what the role of a Game Master looks like……From the start when they come into work they make sure to set up their game. To set up their game they lock up the Escape Room and double check everything to ensure everything is ready. Next they head to their computer where they double check to make sure everything is working correctly and ready to start for the game. Then they head out to lobby once their team has arrived and they take them to start their Escape Game.

Watching the game is the best part of being a Game Master, as you are like a team coach so everyone here takes their positions seriously. We say it is kind of like watching your favorite sports team on TV. You know what they should be doing in order to win, but you have to sit back and watch the game, while the whole time you are cheering them on hoping they will win! Game Masters sometimes get loud as they are cheering on their team. We get just as excited when they solve a puzzle or decipher a code.

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