Day 2: Kimi Braxton’s Adventure to Atlanta Escape Game

Today begins the final stage of planning my biggest heist ever!  Upon entering Atlanta, I made my way towards Alpharetta after getting in contact with Vinny to scout the museum. It’s a crowded place with plenty of security so I’m going to need to scout every potential exit for my daring escape! Upon examining the security tapes from Vinny’s boys on the inside, I discovered exactly how the security system guarding the Priscilla Diamond works. If I can’t find a way to disable the fingerprint scanner in the room the diamond is in, I will find myself locked in the room with no escape. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s going to take teamwork and teambuilding if I am going to pull of this heist. I’ve worked with Vinny on figuring out the system, and now my friend Mr. Magic is going to help me with the technology with get past the fingerprint system. Mr. Magic is known for being one of the best magicians in not only the Roswell and Alpharetta area, but in all of Georgia. He has been my go to guy on my team when it comes to technology in my heists.

As I think on my plan to use his fingerprint capturing device, I have been spending my free time checking out fun things to do in Alpharetta. I stumbled across a place called Urban Escape Games. The premise was to escape the room you were “locked” in within an hour. I thought it was a fun premise so I got Mr. Magic and Vinny together to be on my team. We escaped just in the nick of time. I’ll be sure to keep this place on my mind for the future. Now we are off to visit somewhere Atlanta is famous for, the Center for Disease Control.


To make a reservation with Urban Escape Games you can go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.