If you’ve ever been to Urban Escape Games and played our Jewel Heist Escape Room in Alpharetta, you will know who Kimi Braxton is! For those of you that don’t know, she was one of the world’s greatest jewel thief’s and she is a large part of our Jewel Heist game and before she pasted away we were able to uncover this journal she wrote years ago: 

A Journal from the famous Kimi Braxton:

Today I begin the biggest heist I’ve ever committed in. It also just happens to be the greatest heist the world will ever know. I plan to steal the world-famous Priscilla Diamond. I know what you’re thinking, “Kimi, you must be mad!” But what the outside world sees as my madness, I see as my genius. The Priscilla Diamond lies deep within the heart of the Alpharetta Museum of Arts. And I plan on sneaking in and out without anyone ever knowing I was there. But I won’t be able to pull this heist off by myself. I’m going to need the help from some others who I believe have the capability of helping me pull this heist off. Today I start by asking help from supposed mafia boss, Vinchenzo Esposito. Of course, the FBI has been tracing “Vinny” for years, but they’ve never been able to prove it. I’m on my way to the pizzeria now to get his advice on the situation.

Update: Just had my meeting with Vinny. He believes this idea is ridiculous. But he also believes it may be just ridiculous enough to work. Vinny has a couple of goons working for him inside the Alpharetta Museum of Arts. He told me they should be able to get me the security tapes over the last several days showing me the process in which the Diamond is handled and most importantly, the security surrounding it. For the time being, I plan on lying low, but know that Vinny’s boys and I need to get to know each other better.

To practice for the big heist, Vinny’s goons and I are going to Urban Escape Games in Alpharetta to work on our Team Building and see how well we work together. I doubt these guys have even been to an escape room. I have traveled the world and go do these escape games everywhere. Yet, right here in Alpharetta near Roswell, Cumming and John’s Creek lies Urban Escape Games. This place has the best escape rooms that really are about team building. We will bond as one after we do a game.

Also, Vinny has offered me as much pizza as I can eat while I’m in town, so I should probably set up nearby. I don’t want to get on Vinny’s bad side. Working with him and a few others is the only way I can steal the Priscilla Diamond. As I wait for the security tapes, I’ll be contacting my friend who can set me up with some tech to help me with my theft. I don’t know his real name, just that he goes by the name Mr. Magic.



Kimi Braxton