At Urban Escape Games we have many different themed Escape Games in Alpharetta/Roswell/Atlanta! When customers at Urban Escape Games come to try and escape, they often ask about if we have any other themed rooms other than the one they just played and the answer is yes! We have four different themed escape rooms here! While the difficulty of the rooms is the same for all four Escape Game, they are all designed with very different themes and puzzles.

For those interested in the FBI Mafia Investigation room, you may wonder what kind of pizza is served in the pizzeria you’re trying to escape. Vinny’s Pizzeria is proud to serve over one-hundred different styles of pizza. While we don’t serve pizza during the game, we always serve up a good time for all!

The Magician’s Room will find you experiencing some of Mr. Magic’s greatest magic tricks. One of our game masters is trained in magic and may even demonstrate some of Mr. Magic’s greatest tricks before your game.

Our CDC Lockdown game will take our tour group on a nice, walking tour of the CDC. Sounds like a fun day at the CDC to us!

Our Jewel Heist game will put your thieving skills to the test. One of the world’s greatest thieves discovered our escape rooms and left behind a challenge for our customers to experience that they will never forget!

While all these escape rooms vary in theme and how they may challenge you in different ways, each room sticks to the same escape rates as the others we have. Say you come with your family one weekend and decide to divide into two groups. One takes the FBI: Mafia Investigation and the other takes the Jewel Heist game (Cops and Robbers!). It wouldn’t be very fun if one half of the family had the “easy” room compared to the other half of the family! We want our customers to have a fun experience no matter what room they choose to attempt.

To make a reservation you can go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189