Here at Urban Escape Games, we host a lot on team building and problem solving events in Alpharetta. As our customers enter our games, whether they have experienced an escape room before or not, they always come out of the game having learned more about their team and themselves. It’s an important goal for us to hear that our customers have had not only a fun experience, but a learning experience as well! To make sure we are giving the best team bonding experience, our game masters share in bonding experiences themselves! The team here shares experiences in team bonding at multiple times in the year. We celebrate during the holidays by spending time together and sharing in the holiday spirit! We also find time to venture outside the escape rooms to experience other ways to bond as team. At certain times of the year, we will find time to go to out together to share in an exciting experience as a team! Whether it’s exploring Atlanta, venturing on a hike together, going to see a local theatre performance; we find various ways to get together and spend time as a group.

The more we learn about team building, the more we can bring that kind of experience to our escape rooms and better! We love to hear about how a family playing our games learned something about each other they may not have known. Often, we see in our games, a moment when a group member solves something no one expected them to; they see a different side to that person in the group they’ve never seen before. As a team bonding experience, it’s great to see these kinds of discoveries happen in the game. We really enjoy hearing our customer’s stories about how someone surprised them during their game! We would love to have you come play our escape room and see how your team building experience affects you and your team!

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