There are many ways to compare the winter olympics vs. Escape Games! Have you been keeping up with the Winter Olympics? It’s been quite a competitive event this year, and some of the world’s best talent is being represented. One thing we at Urban Escape Games take from events like the Olympics, is the teamwork that goes into the competition. Whether it’s figure skating, bobsledding, or snowboarding, teamwork is a big part of these athletes’ lives in preparation for the big day! While they may be competing solo in some of the games, the practice preparing for the event involves working with other teammates from their country.

Developing teamwork and teambuilding skills is something we at Urban Escape Games strive to accomplish for our Corporate Teams. You may not be competing for a gold, silver or bronze medal, but the sense of competition to escape the room is still there! Take the bobsledding teams for example. They must work together to meet the correct speed and balance it takes to win those medals! Or the hockey teams that compete; they must stay focused and work together in hopes to get the gold. In our games, we find that teams that work on their communication and problem solving have a higher chance of escaping. At the Olympics, whether you win a medal or not, it’s always an honor to be present. Here we find that our customers, win or lose, always come out having had a great time! If you have never been to Urban Escape Games before, we would love to have you come and compete for a victory not unlike those currently in the Winter Olympics.

We would be happy to hear you share your experience with us and how teamwork and problem solving together affected your game, and how YOU might compare the experience to the sporting event that the entire world loves to watch!

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