The past year we have created a Hotel Conference Escape Game that we can bring to large events. We have been to many different companies and types of events with our portable Escape Game! With our Conference Escape Game, we have also been able to partner with hotels to bring our experience to them! Many hotels in the Alpharetta/Atlanta area have large event spaces and meeting rooms. Many times companies will fly employees to Atlanta from all over the country or world for a conference that may last a few days. They normally use the hotel meeting spaces throughout the day for meetings but many times they like to do some fun activity during the day to break the ice or sometimes corporate groups are looking for nighttime activities to do at the hotels so their employees don’t have to leave the property. So that is where we come in…. we work with the hotel to set up the events for your group and make sure that the event is exactly what you are looking for. Also, a great thing about our Conference Escape Games is that it’s one of a kind! So no one in your group/company will have ever experienced something like it before!

The best thing about this game is it incorporates all the key points that our Escape Games at our facility do! When our design team creates our games they keep a few key things in mind to make sure that our customers are always satisfied with our games! They always want to make sure our games are fun, exciting, and require teamwork and communication. We want all of our Escape Games. Including our conference game, to be great team building experiences and for everyone that plays them to leave talking about how much fun they had.

To set up and event with Urban Escape Games you can go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189