We always have many updates happening here at Urban Escape Games! This week at Urban Escape Games we just got new magnets that we give out to each of our customers after they play our Escape Games and everyone is loving them! If you have ever been to Urban Escape Games in the past three years you know that we used to have rectangle magnets and stickers that we would give out to our customers. But not anymore, now we have circle magnets and stickers that are way cuter! But the shape isn’t the only thing that is different about the new stickers. The new stickers and magnets are also waterproof and way more durable so they can go on your car, water bottles, laptops, etc. We love our customers and they love all the treats we give them and we love the  positive feedback. Our customers love all the pens, magnets, stickers, and from this change and have seen many of our customers driving around with Urban Escape Games magnets on the back of their cars!

At Urban Escape Games, we are also changing things, updating things and adding new things to our games. Our magnets and stickers are just very small updates on top of the large updates we are constantly doing. For example, just in the past few months we have repainted our rooms or added different things to the walls, we have replaced all the carpeting in the building, and we are also changing things in the games to make them even better (but I can’t share these changes with you without giving away parts of the game)! Our design team is constantly coming up with new ideas and way to improve our games to make them feel even more immersive than they already do.

To make your reservation with Urban Escape Games you can go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189