A few weekends ago we had The Bert Show came to Urban Escape Games for a Team Building Event! They were a blast to have and we are so glad to hear that they had an awesome time! The week after they visited they talked about their experience with us and how much fun they had! Below we have put a printed copy of the radio segment. Also, thanks for the apology Cassie! We still love you and can’t wait for The Bert Show to come back to Urban Escape Games!

Bert: Sometimes, it’s the hardest thing in the world to say, “Sorry,” when you know you were wrong, when you know you had a bad attitude, to come back the next day or the day after that when the whole incident washes over, and realize you were out of line. Cassie?

Cassie: I have an apology I need to make publicly. I would like to apologize to the entire staff at Urban Escape Games.

Kristin: That’s the one. That’s the one I was going to guess. This is in Alpharetta, right?

Bert: Yes. It’s an escape room. You get locked inside a room and you have an hour to try and escape.

Cassie: You’re paired off with a team of people. On your team, there were how many people? I don’t know. Eight or nine? You were on it, Bert, you were super helpful.
Was he on it, though? Was he or was he not on it.

Cassie: where they can like give you clues and stuff, would keep interrupting and we’d be like, “We’re going to get another clue” and it would be like “Excuse me sir, please put your phone away. You’re not allowed to have your phone out.”

Bert: From time to time I would go over and pretend like I was helping, but I was useless. Useless, but this is not about me. It’s about you.

Cassie: Yes. Davi was on the team. Super helpful. I have had a really rough couple of weeks in my personal life. Not major stuff, just little stuff and I just needed a win. And I like to think of myself as a smart person so when it came to escape rooms, which is all about puzzles, this is my forte.

Bert: Look, and I’ve got to be honest with you. As a person that was on Cassie’s team, there was no real Captain selected, but I knew when Cassie, who graduated allegedly from Emory was on my team, I’m like, “This is like having a ringer.” Like, I knew we were going to win. I knew we were going to win. Because you’re super, super smart.

Cassie: Well, the last puzzle of the game I did not agree with how it had been set up. I did not agree with any of it. So we did not escape the room, bringing my escape room escape rate down from 100% to 50%.

Kristin: When you say you didn’t agree with it, does that just mean you couldn’t figure it out? It means you were wrong.

Bert: We couldn’t figure it out.

Cassie: It wasn’t obvious that, that should have happened.

Kristin: And I just want to say I was on the opposite team. And we had fun just putting capes and hats on. We weren’t even really trying to escape. However, we did not hear Cassie, Davi, Bert, you guys on the other team. We didn’t hear you. So, we asked the guy, “Hey, can we just go running out of the doors screaming to act like we got out before them so we can piss off Cassie?”

Cassie: I heard them. We heard you and I was so upset. And that’s when I started screaming at everyone in our room. I was like, “Nurse Kathy. Do I need to come over there and push those buttons?”

Kristin: We didn’t get out. We just let the guy let us run out of the room screaming, but you think we did.

Bert: She legitimately was yelling at the team. She’s just like, “You guys we’ve got 30 seconds left. Can you get it together?” Literally chewing people out.

Cassie: I was getting upset.

Kristin: She had to call out numbers and we had to push buttons and you were calling out the numbers and we were pushing the buttons and I realized these were out of order. That’s not how it works. And then you were like, “Do I have to come over there and do it for you?”

Bert: So this is the apology part.
Long story short, when I left we had a staffer come in there and I was a little bitch. You were.

Cassie: I kept saying, this is BS, except saying it out loud. I’m like, “This is the most ridiculous game I’ve ever played.” I exited the room and one of the staffers like right this way to take the photo and I made eye contact with her and turned down a hallway to go to the bathroom and when I came back she was like, “Right this way.” I’m like, “Oh, because I didn’t hear you the first time.”

Bert: They couldn’t have been any nicer.

Cassie: They were so nice. And then in the photo I have the magnet backwards that says, “I almost escaped.” And I like put the bird on it. And then I was like, “You don’t have my permission to use this on social media.”

Kristin: That was my favorite part.

Cassie: To the staff at Urban Escape Games, I’m really sorry. I was having a rough week. I fully acknowledge publicly I was a little bitch. You did not deserve it and I really enjoy your escape game. It was very challenging and I would have won if it weren’t for the rest of my team.

Bert: I do want to say that now that you have been challenged at least twice, every week for the last three weeks to bring in your Emory diploma and you have not brought it in so that’s why-

Cassie: It’s really heavy.

Bert: That’s why alleged is always used.

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