There are many secrets to our Escape Games that people always try to ask us about. So in this blog I am going to share every single secret of our games….JUST KIDDING. Why would I do that!? The secrets are secret for one main reason which is to keep our games exciting. If you went into an Escape Game and knew everything about the game, then it wouldn’t be any fun. There are three main secrets that our customers are always trying to get us to reveal.

  • The Number of Rooms: One of the most common questions we are asked about is, “How many rooms are in our game” and our answer is always “we can’t tell you that”. There may be 1 room or there may be 50 rooms, either way telling a team information like that would give stuff away and make the game way less exciting.
  • The final code: Oddly enough many of our customers ask us for the final code before they go into the room. Most of the time they are joking, but sometimes you get those few people that really do want to know. Of course this is the number one secret we would never tell because then the team wouldn’t even get to play the game.
  • How many puzzles are in the game: Another common question in our Escape Rooms is “How many puzzles do we have to solve”. We like to keep this a secret too, because it keeps the team on their toes. Part of the game is never knowing where you are in the game or how close you actually are to the end of the game. This is just another secret that we try to keep to make the game more fun for our customers.

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