There are 3 main reasons why schools love coming to Urban Escape Games! Here at Urban Escape Games we always have school groups coming on field trips to play our Games. The teachers and students all love our Escape Games for many reasons, but there are four main reasons schools are choosing to bring their students to Urban Escape Games over other field trip locations.

  • Critical Thinking: All of our games require Critical thinking so, in order to solve our Escape Games, the students will have to put their critical thinking skills to the test. Critical thinking is an important skill that schools teach students, so teachers love to bring students to play our games and practice their critical thinking skills.
  • Problem Solving: Our games require a lot of problem solving. Throughout our Escape Games students will have to solve many puzzles and riddles as well as figure out how to escape the room. They will have to take the information at hand and figure out what to do with that information in order to Escape the room under an hour.
  • Communication/Teamwork: All of our games require teamwork and communication. We have designed all of our games in house and our design team focuses on the aspects of teamwork when designing our games. Without teamwork and communication our Escape Games are impossible to solve in under an hour.
  • FUN: Our Escape Games are fun and exciting for students. Not only will they be putting critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and communication to the test, they will also have a blast!

Get your students thinking differently, learning to solve problems they have never faced and communicating with new students.

We book by appointment only Monday-Friday so to make a reservation you can fill out a form on our website or you can go ahead and give us a call to help you set up your event!