Bring your sports team to Urban Escape Games in Alpharetta. There are many reasons that you should bring your sports team to Urban Escape Games. Our Escape Games are perfect for sports teams to come put their teamwork skills to the test! Sometimes in sports it can be helpful to step off the field/court and focus solely on team building through a totally different activity. This gives the team a chance to learn something different about their teammates, and to interact and work together in a whole new situation. This also allows for the team to get to know one another better. Maybe there are some new players that have been added to the team recently and don’t really know any of the teammates very well, so our Escape games will give them that chance to bond and interact with the new team.

Our Escape games are all designed in-house around teamwork and communication. Without teamwork and communication our games are impossible to win (escape the room in under an hour). This sounds exactly like playing a sport, without teamwork and communication the team is not going to successfully get a win. Everyone knows that teamwork and communication are critical in playing sports.

We have had many sports teams come to Urban Escape Games in the past and they have told us how much they believe it really helped the team bond together and learn about one another. Many teams have told us that they believe their event at Urban Escape Games really helped them to succeed as a team on the field/court.

We strongly believe that our Escape Games will have a positive impact on your team and we cannot wait to host your event!

To make your reservation please visit our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.