Read our TripAdvisor reveiws and find out why we are the best Escape Game in Alpharetta! So many time we have heard our customers tell us they think we are the best Escape Game in Alpharetta! This Holiday season we had so many customers that loved playing our Escape Games and wrote us awesome reviews on TripAdvisor! We love hearing from our customers about how much they loved our Escape Games. Below are just a few of the awesome five star reviews we received this holiday season:

“Our family group — 7 people, ages 13-65 — had a fabulous time. The activity is very well designed. We had a lot of fun, with all of us working together to solve the real-world puzzle. It is fantastic for people who like to solve interesting and challenging puzzles. Great team building for groups of all sorts. We will be back, for sure!”

“Thus was a birthday celebration and it was even better than expected! The staff was fun and helpful, the room was very challenging, and we can’t wait to do it again!”

Awesome experience. Staff are all friendly! Andrew and Christian signed us in, got us started, and acted as “the game master”.

“The room itself was challenging, but solvable; and quite intense for a straight hour. We were on the final clue when our time ran out, but Christian let us complete the train of thought we were on to escape the room with an overage of probably 2 minutes…..We will definitely be returning to try some of the other rooms!”

Thank you so much to our customers for sharing your enthusiasm about our Escape Games on TripAdvisor. The way most of our customers hear about us is through word of mouth. So please keep sharing your amazing experience with your friends and families!

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