People always wonder the differences between a scavenger hunt vs. Escape Game in Alpharetta, Atlanta, and Roswell. Have you ever done a scavenger hunt? Maybe when you were a kid you did scavenger hunts at birthday parties, school events, girl/boy scouts, etc. and you loved them! There is always something fun about having to solve different clues to try to get to the end of a scavenger hunt. Well a scavenger hunt is very similar to an Escape Game in many ways. The main way that scavenger hunts and Escape Games are really similar is that in both you have to solve a series of puzzles and riddles to get to the finish point. Normally in scavenger hunts the ending point is some kind of treasure but in Escape Games the ending point is escaping the room.

To officially escape our Escape Rooms, it is very different than other Escape Game companies, as we never lock you in a room, rather we make you feel like you are locked in a room. This is why so many corporate groups, families and friends love doing our games for the immersion of feeling lock in. We actually talked to the fire marshal as he was convinced we were locking people, till we explained it then we all had a good laugh. Our game masters are never in the room rather watch the game from our game master suite. This way they have eyes and ears on their games and can really be the team coach. So when you do need help they know exactly what you need.  To escape our rooms you have to obtain a particular object a 4 digit code. Just know you will have a blast doing our escape rooms.

To make your reservation and try our scavenger hunt like Escape games, go to our website or give me a call at 678-805-2189.