There are “Do NOT’s” while playing an Escape Game that people should know about. Whenever customers come in we always greet them and then give them some tips that will help them during their Escape Game before they play. We normally give them tips on things they should do and things that will help them progress throughout the game. One thing that can also be helpful is things that you should NOT do during your Escape Room experience. Below is a list of things that you should NOT do during your game:

1) Do NOT rule out ideas before trying them: There are times where we hear many people in our Escape Games say the right idea out loud to their team, but then we never see anyone try that idea because they just assume that it won’t work. It’s always great to try everyone’s ideas, because someone may not have the right idea, but it might spark someone else to come up with the right idea.

2) Do NOT get too caught up on an idea that doesn’t work: Many times people come up with an idea and they try it out (which, like we talked about above, is awesome) but, then they can’t drop that idea once they figure out it doesn’t work. Sometimes you have to know when to just flip your mind and move on from an idea so you don’t get stuck for too long.

3) Do NOT try to use your cell phone during the game: We design all of our games in house and have created every puzzle and piece of technology in our rooms. So google will not be helpful to you at all during the game.

Hopefully these “Do Not” tips are helpful to you when you and your friends come to play our Escape Games. To make a reservation to book your escape room you can visit our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.