Come spend MLK day in Alpharetta/Altanta at Urban Escape Games! We are opening to the public for MLK today, which is this coming up Monday (January 15th)! School is out for the day and everyone is looking for something fun to do on their day off! Our games are perfect for all ages and we make sure that they are all very family friendly and that there is nothing scary in the rooms. We know that you, your family, and your friends will have a blast trying to escape our rooms!

Escape Games are always a great activity for all ages because they are a new experience for most people. Everyone has been bowling, to a movie, or to an arcade, but most people have never played in Escape Game. One of the best things about escape games is that it’s such a new experience so everyone has a blast trying something new! Also, playing Escape Games is they also make you work together with your friends and family. When you go to the movies you really don’t get to talk with anyone or socialize with your friends at all, but in our Escape Games talking and communicating is necessary in order to Escape. We design all of our games in-house, and we make it so that there is always something that different people can be working on at the same time, so this keeps everyone in the room having fun!

At Urban Escape Games we focus on Corporate Team Building Monday-Friday, so we are not normally open to the public, but since Monday is a holiday we will be running public hours the whole day! Call your friends and family today and make a reservation before all of our spots are booked up!

Give us a call at 678-805-2189 or go to our website to make your reservation for MLK day!