Come celebrate the holidays at Urban Escape Games! Around the holiday seasons many families have holiday traditions. Whether its’ baking holiday cookies, putting up a Christmas tree, going to see a new movie, or playing football, most families have some kind of holiday season traditions they do every year. We love when we hear that some of our customer’s family traditions are coming to Urban Escape Games each year. We have so many families and groups of friends that have made Urban Escape Games a yearly tradition and continue to tell us how much fun they have and how they will continue the tradition for years to come.

There are many reason why friends and families have so much fun at Urban Escape Games and continue to make it a tradition to come back every year. For starters, it is a great thing to bring family or friends that are visiting from out of town, because for many people it will be a new experience and our games are great for all ages so everyone can enjoy playing the games together.

One of the main reasons families also love playing our games together is because we ask that you don’t use your cellphones during the game (which there is no point anyway because they will not help you in our games since we have created all of our puzzles ourselves so googling will not help at all). Because of this rule friends and families really get a chance to disconnect from their phones and spend time talking and working together to escape our rooms. Parents really like this rule especially if they have teenagers that are always on their cellphones. Amazingly we hear stories all the time about the talking and laughter that takes place after playing our escape rooms.

We have received so much positive feedback from groups of friends and families that have loved playing our games because in our games everyone has to work together and communicate throughout the whole hour and people leave talking about the game and talking about how much fun they had. So if you are looking to give the best gift to your family and friends then make a reservation at Urban Escape Games.

To make a reservation please visit our website or give me a call at 678-805-2189.