What are your hours at Urban Escape Games? This is one of the most common questions we are asked on the phone when people are trying to make a reservation along with, “How late are you open?” or “What hours are you normally open?”. Our website does state that we are open 9am-9pm every day (except we are closed on Sundays), but many people who have been to Urban Escape Games before know that this is not always true.

During the week, Monday-Friday, we focus on Corporate Team Building and open whenever a group wants to book their event. For example, some companies want to go to dinner after work and then head over to Urban Escape Games for their Team Building Event so they normally want to start their event around 8pm and do not leave until around 9:30pm. We have also had groups that want to come in the morning before work, so they might want to start around 8:00am, which is perfectly fine by us. We try to accommodate each group in helping to plan the perfect Team Building Event for their company. So if they would like to come in early or later at night we always try our best to make that happen for them.

On the weekends (Friday nights starts at 6:00pm and Saturday’s starting at 2:00pm) we run public hours. This means that anyone is welcome to sign up for one of our Escape Rooms and come with their friends and families to play. In this situation, with public hours, we do highly suggest that you make a reservation. We say our public hours are like seeing a movie in the theater. You will want to reserve a time and game that you want to play to guarantee your spot in that game.

To make a reservation visit our website at www.UrbanEscapeGames.com or give us a call at 678-805-2189.