There is a reason why our Escape Games are challenging. We strive to design all our Escape Rooms near Alpharetta and Roswell so that they are challenging and not too easy. Yes, you heard that right, we purposely want our Escape Rooms to challenge everyone that plays our games whether they live in the area or are coming from Cobb, Johns Creek, Woodstock or Cumming. Can you imagine if everyone that walked into our games could escape our rooms? There would be no pressure or adrenaline rushing throughout the game if you knew you could easily walk in and escape the room. We want all of our games to be challenging!

So many people ask us why we make our games so challenging or why we only have a 32% escape rate, which just was lowered from our last escape rate of 37%.  People are normally shocked that the games are so challenging and get nervous about playing them, because they think they might be too “hard”. But, think about it for a second…..What if the games were so easy you could finish the room in 15 minutes, wouldn’t you be a little mad that you spent money to play a game for 15 minutes that was so easy you barley had to try? This is why we try to design them all at a level that is not impossible or too hard, but that is still challenging.

We have a design team on staff that works hard to design all our rooms to be challenging to our customer. Before we release a new game we test the game many times to make sure that the puzzles are all challenging enough, but solvable, but not too easy or too hard. We want everyone who come to play our games to enjoy them and not feel like the room was just impossible or way to easy. The end goal is that everyone has a fun time playing our rooms (games) and walks away talking about it and how each person contributed.

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