Teen birthday party Escape Games are very very popular for many reasons! When you think of the perfect Teen Birthday Party what do you think about? What would make a birthday event the best event of the year and keep friends talking about the party for days? At Urban Escape Games we believe our Escape Games are the perfect event for teen birthday parties. Our Escape Rooms are new, exciting, challenging, and extremely fun which are all qualities that make for an awesome birthday event!

Every Friday evening and all day on Saturday’s we open to the public and are always hosting birthday events for teenagers. We have found that teenagers are very good at our escape games, especially since they are normally playing with a group of their friends. They all work well together and are good at solving the different puzzles and riddles found throughout our games and thinking fast to quickly solve the puzzles. The current generation is very good at critical thinking, thinking quickly, and multitasking, so our one-hour time limit of having to work fast does not affect them as much.

We also do something special for birthday events. If you book 12 or more people than the birthday boy or girl will receive a free T-shirt! We also do some other surprises so you need to call and book your teen’s best birthday gift and we will share the details. We want our birthday boys and girls to feel special and really enjoy their birthday party at our facility. Teenagers always love our birthday party Escape Rooms and always leave talking about how they all want to have their next birthday party at Urban Escape Games!

If you want to have your next birthday event at Urban Escape Games go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.