If you are trying to plan a Team Building Event on a budget, then look no further, Urban Escape Games is very affordable. Planning a Team Building event can be very time consuming and challenging, especially when there is a budget involved. Planning anything would be pretty easy if money isn’t a part of the equation. For example, can you imagine how easy planning a wedding would be with an unlimited amount of money? That would be amazing! Well at Urban Escape Games we want our Team Building Events to be super affordable! We understand how costly some Team Building Events can be and we want everyone to have the opportunity to experience our games, without the cost being an issue.

We truly believe that our Escape Games are the best form of Team Building for a Corporate group. Most event that people typically do for Team Building, like bowling or going to dinner, are not really team building activities, they are more of team bonding activities. At Urban Escape Games our games are designed so that they require teamwork, leadership and communication, in order to try to escape from our games. On top of it all, our games are super fun and exciting so everyone always has a blast! This is why we are ranked #1 on Trip Advisor as so many teams have a blast and learn a lot about their team in the process.

We have different priced packages and different types of events available. We love working with our customers to help them plan the perfect type of Team Building Event for their group and help to customize these events. We want all of our groups to enjoy their experience at Urban Escape Games and to talk about their Team Building Events for months after they leave our building.


To make your reservation with Urban Escape Games go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.