In every corporate company it is important that you try to incorporate the three C’s to Team Building to help the dynamic at your everyday work place. With the three C’s a company will thrive more effectively and efficiently in growing their company and exceeding within the company.  The three C’s are Collaboration, Communication, and Community. At Urban Escape Games our Escape Games help corporate teams to achieve all three of the C’s within an hour. Team Building with the concept of the three C’s at Urban Escape Games will help your company to start in the process of growing these concepts. Below will explain how the three C’s are achieved at Urban Escape Games in just one hour:

  • Communication: Our Escape Games require a lot of communication in order to solve the different puzzles and riddles to escape the room in under an hour. We design the games to be challenging so teamwork is essential in order to be successful you do have to communicate well with your team.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration is a huge part of our Escape Rooms. Since the games are challenging, it take many different ideas and attempts before a team may come to the correct solution. Everyone thinks differently so it is important that everyone shares their ideas out loud and that the team collaborates to come up with the correct answers.
  • Community: It is so important in a corporate environment that there is community within the office. In our Escape Rooms co-workers get the chance to communicate with people that they maybe never have before. Playing our games also gives you something to talk to your co-workers about after hand. We have heard that after playing our Escape Games, friendships within the office grew stronger. The end result is the team becomes more productive at work.

To book your next Team Building Event and improve on the three C’s within your company, either go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189 or 844-ESC-GAME.  (I assume we should add this every time.)