The holiday season is right around the corner and it is time to get ahead of the game and book your holiday party and end of the year Team Building Events! Instead of waiting until the last minute and being stressed about the planning process start planning now! The sooner you give us a call and make a reservation, the better chance you will have of securing the time and date that you want to have the event. We are one of the only Escape Game companies that focuses on Corporate Team Building, and we also focus on making sure that each person that experiences our Escape Games has a blast! Monday-Friday we are only open to Corporate Team Building Events and for this reason we book up very quickly for the holiday season!

Instead of just going to dinner for your holiday party or staying in the office, book your holiday event with Urban Escape Games! This will be a great experience for your company as people have the chance to work together and communicate with each other, well having fun trying to solve the different puzzles and riddles to escape the room.

We have heard amazing stories from our customers about how much they enjoyed their time and how Urban Escape Games has changed the dynamic of the office for the better. Customers have told us stories about how Urban Escape Games opened doors to many new friendships within the office and have helped them to build more of a community at work. We love hearing these stories from our customers because we strive to make a difference to our customers in our building and also when they return back to the office after the event. We want to make a difference for corporate teams well they are at our facility and to make a difference for them at the office.


To make a reservation with Urban Escape Games go to our website, or give us a call at 678-805-2189 or 844-ESC-GAME.  (should we add this)