It’s time to book your fall event at Urban Escape Games. FALL IS FINALLY HERE! Everyone is getting really excited that fall has finally arrived! Everyone that is tired of the hot summer heat is excited that the temperature outside is finally cooling off, and coffee lovers (actually…even non coffee lovers) are excited that pumpkin spice lattes are back! Fall is a great time of year because it starts to kick off the holiday season, starting with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and then New Years. Everyone is starting to get excited about fall and the holidays and can’t wait to finish off the year strong!

Well most people are excited about fall, there are those who are not so excited. With fall here and winter quickly approaching, some people are NOT looking forward to the cold weather and wish it could be sunny and 75 year round. Most people hate being outside in the winter time, because it is so cold and struggle with what to do because they love the outdoors. Well, don’t worry because Urban Escape Games in an indoor activity and we promise to have the heat running in the building all winter! Escape the cold winter weather and come play at Urban Escape Games this fall and winter season!

Also, it is a good time to start planning holiday parties/end of the year parties for companies, church small groups/events, and families or friends. Urban Escape Games is the perfect place to host your holiday party or end of the year party. Instead of just going to dinner this year or having a house party, plan to exceed everyone’s expectations and come and try to escape our rooms at Urban Escape Games! Everyone will have a blast and will thank you for planning such a fun event this year!

We are booking up quickly for the holiday season so go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189 to make a reservation!