Are you looking for fun weekend plans to make with your friends? A couple of weekends ago we had a group of friends come play at Urban Escape Games and they really didn’t know what to expect. None of them had ever played an Escape Game before and they were a little worried about what exactly they were getting themselves into and weren’t sure if they were going to like Escape Games or not. Once in the room the group of friends had a blast! They were laughing and working together in order to try to Escape the room and beat the clock!

At the end of their game we take each team to our photo booth for team photos and they couldn’t stop thanking their Game Master and telling her how much they enjoyed their experience. After the event they had so much fun they really wanted to tip their Game Master, we don’t except tips, so they threw money on the counter and ran out of the building! They kept talking about how it was so much better than they ever imagined and that they would 100% be back soon to play one of our other rooms.

We love stories like these because we work so hard to make sure that each group has an amazing experience and this group of friends clearly did! For many people, Escape Games are a new experience so they are unsure of what to expect when they come. We want to show them how amazing Escape Games are, especially our Escape Games, and want them to leave talking about Urban Escape Games and how much they enjoyed it! We are very passionate about our Escape Games/Rooms and hope that everyone gets the chance to enjoy them and experience how amazing our games really are!

To make a reservation go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.