Three reasons why Escape Games are the best Corporate Team Building Activity in North Atlanta

There are three reasons why Escape Games are the best Corporate Team Building Activity in Atlanta (includes: Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Roswell, Cumming, Woodstock, Marietta, etc.). Urban Escape Games was the first Escape Game company in Georgia and when we first thought about opening we knew we wanted to focus on Corporate Team Building. We had this vision of creating a new and exciting Corporate Team Building experience that everyone would enjoy. After many months of work we opened our doors and quickly became the #1 Team Building event in Atlanta and all of North Fulton and Forsythe. Here are three reasons why Urban Escape Games is the perfect Team Building event.

  • Teamwork, Leadership and communication: Our games are all mentally challenging and require a lot of teamwork and communication in order to escape in time. We have designed all of our rooms with Team Building in mind and designed them so that the only way to escape is through communicating with each other. During a fast-paced hour as your team races against the clock leadership will be important as someone takes notes or ask leading questions. The debrief is a great way to share the different roles people played.
  • Everyone has a blast: No only do we want our games to be about team building and working together but we also want everyone that walks through our Escape Games (Rooms) to have a blast! We want people to enjoy team building and not just see it as a boring task that they are forced to do by their company.
  • Meeting new people: We have had some many cases where people within a company are put together in rooms with people they have never talked to before. By the end of the game they have made new friends and really had the chance to get to know some of their co-workers that they didn’t know before coming to Urban Escape Games.

So if you want to book an amazing Team Building experience where everyone will have a blast working together, communicating and making new friends, then make a reservation now! To make a reservation go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.