Escape your Everyday Routine at Urban Escape Games! School is back in full swing, and everyone is back in full work mode with their daily schedules pretty set. Having a routine is good for some people and helps keep everyone on track, but sometimes having a routine can get boring and many people need to change up their routines every now and then. So are you ready to escape your everyday routine and try a new experience this week? Come to Urban Escape Games for an experience you and your friends will remember forever.

Monday-Friday our main focus is Corporate Team Building, where teams come and bond like never before. So if you are sick of your everyday routine at work? Or are there a lot of new faces at your company that you would like to get to know better?  Book Urban Escape Games as your next Team Building activity. We know everyone will have a blast and will be talking about their experience for days! Our Escape Games are a great way to get to know your co-workers and bond together while having fun!

Our Escape Games are always an exciting new experience for many people because many people have never played an Escape Game before or they have never experienced our Escape Games. We design all of our games in-house and each Escape Game has awesome technology that all of our customer’s love. We have four different themed rooms. We have a Jewel Heist, a CDC Lockdown, a FBI Mafia Investigation, and The Magician’s Room. All of our rooms are the same level of difficulty, so when picking which game you want to play it really just depends on the theme that sounds most interesting to your group.

To make your reservation with Urban Escape Games go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.