Escape the Storms from Hurricane Irma by coming to play at Urban Escape Games! Hurricane Irma is just days away from hitting Florida and causing some stormy weather for the Atlanta/Alpharetta areas. Many people from Florida are evacuating this weekend and week to Atlanta until the storm passes. As a country, through these times we all have to band together in helping our neighbors and friends. Many people are donating water and food, and even opening up there houses to people who are trying to flee from Florida. Together we all need to help those in need and work together as a country to make sure everyone is safe and all their needs are met through this storm.

Also, with this stormy weather rolling in and many people visiting Atlanta this weekend Urban Escape Games would be the perfect activity for your family and friends to come experience.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find something fun to do indoors when there is stormy weather besides your typical going to a movie theater or going bowling. But, Urban Escape Games is indoors and a fun experience for everyone! Playing our Escape Games are very different from your typical activities so everyone always has a blast! We have four different Escape Game themes: We have a Jewel Heist, a CDC Lockdown, an FBI Mafia Investigation, and The Magician’s Room. All of our room are family friendly so there is no need to worry about anything scary in any of our rooms.

So if you have family, friends, or are being so kind as to host people staying with you for the weekend/week evacuating Florida, bring them to Urban Escape Games to get their mind of Irma and have a blast with us!

To make a reservation go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.