This Labor Day weekend we are doing something a little different due to Support Hurricane Harvey Victims. We wanted to think of a way to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey and how we can also have our customers help us too. So after some thought we decided that we would donate a case of water for every person booked this weekend. That would be a TON of water! In hopes that many customers would join us in helping these Harvey victims. Today, August 29th, we sent out an email to all of our customers that looked like this:

We normally don’t send out an email without a discount or special offer for our customers, but this email is different.  We want to team with you to help Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston.

Urban Escape Games is joining the “Convoy of Care” hosted by Cox Media Group (AM 750, WSB-TV, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution).   For every PERSON that plays a game this weekend, we will donate one CASE of water.  Example:  Book a full room of 8, we contribute 8 cases of water, book 2 people, and we contribute 2 cases.

We believe in full transparency, and will post the receipt for the water, and photos of our donation on our website/blog on Wednesday, 9/6/17.

We hope that when our customers receive this email they will call their friends and families and gather as many people as they can to come play at Urban Escape Games because the more people they bring the more water is donated. If one family brings 8 people that’s 8 cases of water! WOW! We hope we are able to donate a ton of water to these victims. Our thoughts and prayers are with anyone effected by Harvey. We hope that the water will make an impact on those effected and help them realize people in Georgia care!

To make a reservation please go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.