The Student Leadership of johns creek came to Urban Escape Games this month and they had a blast! Urban Escape Games was featured in the Johns Creek Patch article about the Student Leadership of Johns Creek. They had there 2017-2018 kick off at Urban Escape Games a couple weeks ago. There was a total of 92 students at the event that came and bonded with one another as they had a blast playing our Escape Games. The students that are in the Student Leadership of Johns Creek did a fantastic job in our escape games and we even had a good amount of them escape our games. We currently have a 37% escape rate so most teams do not escape our rooms. So when teams do escape it is impressive and normally means they had great communication and teamwork in order to escape our rooms.

For our larger events, groups switch off between our team building activities and our Escape Games. During Team Building activities, teams have a chance to do different activities to get to know one another, figure out how they work well together, and the strengths and weaknesses of their teammates. For example, one of our team building games is called “The Name Game” and it’s a fun game where people learn a lot of different things about their teammates and have to memorize those things about them. This is normally a really fun and uplifting game that everyone enjoys.

If a large team is having a conference, we can go to them and present our conference escape game. We have done this at schools, hotels and conference centers and teams love it. The groups are larger and consist of 12 – 17 player teams, but the countdown clock is still set to one hour. They have that one hour to try to solve a series of puzzles, crack clues and try to beat the clock before it expires. We are hosting more and more large groups as they love the team work required in our escape games.

The Student Leadership of Johns Creek is full of very bright students and we loved hosting their event!

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