There are many different thoughts and feelings that might cross your mind while playing our Escape Games. Everyone has different ways of thinking and reactions to certain situations, but there are a few thoughts and reactions we have noticed that most people have during the one hour in our Escape Rooms.

  • Excited/Nervous before entering the room: For many people, it is their first time playing an Escape Game and they get very excited for the new experience. With this excitement also comes some nerves. People get nervous because they just don’t know what to expect and really want to Escape, or they get nervous because they think the room is going to be “scary” (which is never the case at Urban Escape Games because all of our rooms are family friendly and not scary at all).
  • Confusion about where to start: Once the countdown clock in the room gets going people tend to be confused about where to start in the game. Our biggest hint is to start investigating the room and finding things. From there, people tend to quickly pick up on the first puzzle in the game and then any confusion subsides.
  • Adrenaline rush: Throughout the game, especially as the time on your clock starts going down, a big adrenaline rush will kick in as you are trying to race the clock. Some people tend to do better with this extra pressure and some people tend to crack under the pressure. The key is to stay calm and collected as you work through each puzzle.
  • BEST EXPERIENCE: At the end, after the game is over most people can’t stop talking about how they had an amazing experience and how cool they thought the game was! They are impressed with the game and excited about how much fun they had!

These are all normal thoughts and reactions we see on a daily basis as people play our Escape Games. So call your friends, family, or co-workers and book a room now!

To make a reservation give us a call at 678-805-2189 or go to our website.