Urban Escape Games is the Best Team Building for Teachers and Administrators in Alpharetta and what better way to start the school year than with an exciting new Team Building experience that will bring your teaching staff even closer together! With summer ending, and the school year starting in just a couple weeks, teachers are starting to preplan for the school year and are in and out of meetings with little time for fun! Teachers work really hard during preplanning weeks to assure that students have a great year and they deserve to have a little fun in between all their hard work.

It is also important that teachers all know each other and are able to work closely together throughout the year. They need to build the support of teachers around them so that they can collaborate ideas and help each other out during the school year. Also, it makes for a better work atmosphere and culture when the teachers are all friends and able to be there for each other. In our Escape Games teams learn a lot about each other and get to know each other pretty well as they race the clock to escape the room. Our games are all designed to make Team Building and fun and exciting new experience for everyone!

We have found that teachers are generally really great at our Escape Games and are great at working together while playing our Escape Games. All the teachers and administrative staff that come to Urban Escape Games have a blast and can’t wait to come back the next summer before school. We love our teachers and we thank them and appreciate them for what they do to educate our children!



To make your reservation go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.