Bring your interns to Urban Escape Games! Our Escape Games are very popular for companies to send their interns for team building events to get to know one another and to have some fun! Whenever companies send their interns to play at Urban Escape Games they always have a blast! There are a couple main reasons why companies should highly consider bringing their interns to Urban Escape Games:

  • Learning how to work as a team: Interns will learn about their co-workers and about the other interns by getting to know how they all work together as a team. Our games are designed in-house with Corporate Team Building in mind, so each of our games are designed for team to learn how to work together and communicate while still having fun!
  • Your Interns will love working for your company: Of course, if you have interns that are doing a great job you want them to enjoy working for your company. You may want to hire one of your interns in the future so you want them to have a good experience as an intern so that they will accept the position. You always want them to leaving talking good about your company as well.
  • Rewarding them for their hard work: Our Escape Games are a productive way to reward your interns for their hard work with a little fun! Most interns are normally in there 20s and our Escape Games are very popular for this age group, so they will be thrilled to hear that you are sending them to play our Escape Game. Being the first in GA and being the premier in the designing of games, we have even developed a conference escape game that we can bring to your interns, if you are unable to come to us. We promise that they will have a blast and you will be the hero with your interns for playing our games whether her or our conference escape if you have a lot of interns.


To set up a reservation for your interns go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.