Urban Escape Games is the perfect sports Team Building activity in Alpharetta! Many sports like soccer, softball, swimming, volleyball, football, and lacrosse teams are traveling during the summer for tournaments and looking for fun things to do during their free time and love coming to play our Escape Games during that time. We are also conveniently located near many different hotels that travel teams may be staying at this summer so there is no need to worry about a far drive or the event taking up too much time. So instead of just having your team running around in the hotel lobby, bring them to Urban Escape Games where they will have a blast! Plus, they will think you’re the best coach ever for booking such a fun activity for them!

At Urban Escape Games we focus on Team Building all week. We have a design team in-house that builds all of our games and keep Team Building in mind when creating them, so all of our games are centered around Team Building. In our games teams learn a lot about the different personalities of each team member and how they work together to accomplish a goal. This is important for sports teams because in all sports the team is trying to accomplish the same goal of winning the game! Many club sports team like to bring their players to Urban Escape Games because they do get a chance to do some team building in a different and creative way than they are used to, that is off the field, court, or out of the pool.

Whether this is pre-season time, travel team, middle of the season or end, your team will have a blast at Urban Escape Games. We have teams that come yearly to bring their team closer together. On the field or off the field, on the court or off the court, teams sometimes don’t talk enough with each other, which is critical in a game. At Urban Escape Games teams have to divide and conquer and communication is critical. Recently a coach told our staff, “I don’t know how you guys do it, but these girls would never talk and then I couldn’t get them to stop talking afterwards! Thanks for bringing our team closer, I know it will pay off on the field!”

To make a reservation go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.