Looking for a fun way to spend the Fourth of July in Alpharetta? Well, we are only days away from the Fourth of July, or Independence Day, where American’s gather together to celebrate the U.S.A with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnival, baseball games and family reunions! This holiday is very important to Americans because it is a holiday that commemorates the adoption of the declaration of independence and declared that the American colonies are a new nation, and no longer part of the British Empire. People gather together and prepare for this holiday a few days in advance and normally many people start the celebration the weekend before the 4th of July.

In Alpharetta, people usually end up at Wills Park the evening of July 4th for the firework display. There are many vendors represented but a lot of people in Alpharetta will bring their own coolers and find a place on the lawn to gather with friends and family for a spectacular fireworks display. Our staff is off that evening so we can join in the fun and people come from the surrounding neighborhoods like Johns Creek, Roswell, Cumming, Cobb and Milton to see the fireworks.

Yet that only takes a few hours of the long weekend of July 4th so do something that will really make everyone super excited, come to Urban Escape Games. Fireworks gets friends and family talking some, but our escape games will really get everyone talking. This will get everyone working together as there is a lot to accomplish in our games. So before you start the barbeque dinner or before the baseball game starts, hop in the car or van and get over to do our escape games that everyone will enjoy! Urban Escape Games is the perfect activity to come play during the day with your family and friends. Also, since so many Independence Day activities take place outdoors, Urban Escape Games is also a great way to Escape the Georgia heat of summer for a couple hours before going out to the pool or lake for the day.

We will be running public hours all weekend, plus July 3rd and 4th! If you use the code “TopActivity” you will receive 10% off your booking. So hurry and book your Escape Game before all the spots are full!

To make a reservation go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.