What do you see when you all at this picture? A maze or a chaco tan? Some people may look at the picture below and just see someone’s feet, some people might look further and see the tans lines, and some people may get really creative and see the tan lines as a maze. This is because everyone thinks differently and sees things in a different way. The way you see a situation or even an object can be different from the way someone else may see that situation or object. Since everyone sees things differently, everyone also has different solutions or ideas that you might not be able to come up with. This is why many companies have brainstorming meetings/group meeting to hear the different ideas everyone has within the company. Our Escape Games are designed for corporate groups, families, and friends to come together and share their different ways of thinking with one another in order to solve different puzzles and riddles. They are designed for groups of people to play together, so that there are many different ideas and solutions floating around during the game.

For example, you may look at a puzzle and have no idea how to solve the puzzle, but someone else on your team might be able to figure out how to solve the puzzle within minutes. The more people you have working on a puzzle or problem, the quicker you will probably come to a solution since everyone thinks differently. So, the more ideas and solutions that are floating around the room, the faster the group will be able to escape our rooms.  We loving seeing how different people, different ages, with different ideas can all come together during our Escape Games and work together like never before!

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