Ever wondered how Escape Games were first started and the history of Escape Games? Well, remember when you were a kid and they had those ispy computer games or even ispy books? There where objects hidden all over the rooms and you had to quickly try to find as many hidden objects as you could in order to try and beat other people’s records. From games like these, computer Escape Game games were created. In Computer Escape Games you have to solve puzzles and riddles in only a certain amount of time in order to “escape the room”. The first computer Escape Game became very popular and was called Crimson Room and it came out in 2004. Many of escape games or sometimes called rooms were developed and the craze took off! It became very popular especially in Europe. Then in 2007 the first ever real life Escape Game was created in Japan.

After that Escape Games quickly began to grow mainly in Europe and Asia, they then came to the United States. People were loving this new kind of entertainment and experience; unlike any they had ever seen before. Then, in 2014, a local couple from Alpharetta decided to bring Escape Games to Georgia. They began planning and within about 6 months they opened the door to the first ever Escape Game Company in Georgia, Urban Escape Games! They had ideas unlike other Escape Game companies they had researched. They wanted to make sure their games were all designed in-house with very immersive technology, and they knew they wanted to focus on corporate Team Building during the weekdays. Urban Escape Games in now in its third year and is known for their amazing Corporate Team Building experience and the immersive technology and puzzles found throughout the games. We love seeing the company grow and continue to work hard to keep Urban Escape Games the number one Escape Game company in Georgia!

To make a reservation at Urban Escape Games go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.