Urban Escape Games is the perfect summer camp activity in the Alpharetta/Roswell/Atlanta area for many reasons. First, Urban Escape Games is great for camp preparation, which is the most important part of any camp, getting the counselors bonding and ready to work together. It is important that everyone running the camp and all of the counselors get to know one another before spending the whole summer together. Our Escape Games focus on team building and we make sure that everyone has a blast! Teams have to work together to solve the different puzzles and riddles they encounter in our rooms in order to escape in under an hour. In our game you can learn a lot about your teammates, how they react in situations, and how they work together as a group. So before campers arrive to camp this summer, gather all the management and staff for a new type of team building to prepare for a great summer.

Second, Urban Escape Games is perfect for a camp field trip/activity for the campers. When at camp, it is always hard to find a fun activity for the campers on rainy days, so since Urban Escape Games is indoors, it’s the perfect activity for campers on a rainy day. We do birthday events and school groups of kids ages 10 and up often and they always have such a fun time in our Escape Games. Our games will challenge your campers in different ways than the regular camp activities, and since many people have never played an Escape Game before it will be a totally different experience.  Not only are our games fun but the kids will learn qualities like teamwork and communication while having a great time playing our games.
To make a reservation with Urban Escape Games go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.