Urban Escape Games now has a Snap Chat and a Snap Chat geofilter! Today, Snap Chat is used more often that most social media sites, especially with the young generations. Snap Chat is a fun form of social media that allows our followers to see what is going on at Urban Escape Games each day. Since most people have Snap Chat and it is a big form of communication these days, we decided to jump in on the fun as well.

At Urban Escape Games we are always trying to keep up with the latest technology and social media outlets that our customers use, this way we know what our customers are most likely to enjoy and can keep up with the latest trends. We design all of our game in-house and focus on making sure that our rooms have technology that make our games feel immersive. We have a design staff at focuses on our technology and makes sure that everything runs smoothly throughout the games.

We have also just released our Snap Chat geofilter. Almost everywhere you go these days you can find a geo filter for that specific location. For Example, different cities have different geo filters like Roswell and Alpharetta as well as different restaurants in those areas. Geo filters are fun “backgrounds” to add to your Snap Chat pictures and show all of your followers where you are and what you are doing. Our geo filter says Urban Escape Games and then at the top it says, “Can you Escape in time”? So people love using our geofilter to show their followers if they were able to escape or not.

To make a reservation at Urban Escape Games go to our website or give us a call at 678-8085-2189.