There is a big difference between what people think Escape Games are like vs. what they are really like and below is some of those differences:

What people think our Escape Games are like:

  • People think our Escape Games are scary: When people think about getting locked in a room they think that the room is haunted, dark and that people are going to pop out during the game. There are other escape game places that have haunted rooms so people associate Urban Escape Games with those haunted Escape Game places.
  • People tend to think that our games are going to be easy: People don’t realize that our games are challenging and that we have designed them to be challenging on purpose. People come with the intention of escaping because they think that the room is going to be easy, this is not the case in our games.
  • People tend to think that our games are the same as other places: People think that all Escape Games are similar and all have similar games. For example, if they escaped a room at a different company, they come to Urban Escape Games and expect the same experience, including to escape again. Most companies buy their escape games from game makers, but we are different in that way.

What our Escape Games are really like:

  • All of our games are family friendly and HR approved and there is nothing scary about any of our games. We design all of our games and we want people of all ages to be able to come and experience our games.
  • Our games are created to be a challenge. It wouldn’t be any fun if we locked people in their escape rooms and they came out within 20 minutes. We want people to work hard for their escapes and to feel challenged while playing our games. The challenge is what makes the games exciting and gets the adrenaline rushing.
  • Our games are very different from other Escape Game companies. We have a design team on-site and design all of our games in house, so all of our games are very original. We work hard to build all of the technology in our games and make sure that each game is completely different so that every game is a different experience.

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