At Urban Escape Games we are always updating our escape games. We design all of our games in-house and put a lot of hard work into the design of our Escape Game rooms. We work hard to make each room unique to its theme. We want customers to walk into our games and feel like they are really at the location their Escape Game theme takes place. We strive for each customer to be surprised by the way the rooms match the theme of their game and the way that the puzzles also go along with the theme throughout the game as well.

Over the years, we are constantly looking for new props and different fun things that we can add to our Escape Games to make them feel more immersive. We love randomly finding the perfect new prop to add to one of our games that just makes the room even more immersive that it was already. We have a lot of people going in and out of our games each day so we are always changing out props and updating our rooms so they look fresh and new for each group that enters. We work hard to make sure that our rooms not only have great puzzles and riddles, but that the way the room is decorated makes the experience of our Escape Games really exciting and immersive. There is always some sort of project going on from painting different items, to sewing things, or building a new part to a game. There is really never a boring day at Urban Escape Games.

Below is a picture of some of two of our staff members painting a new chest to go in our Mr. Magic Room.