Can you break our records? To achieve your dreams in life you have to work hard and dedicate yourself to your goals. This is exactly what 23-year-old Amanda Coker is doing and as she already smashed the annual mileage record for a female on a bike. Amanda beat the 77 year old World Record in just 4 months and she is still riding strong! The record was previously set by Billie Flemming in 1938 with a record of 29,603.7 miles. Amanda beat it in only 130 days of riding. She started cycling at the age of 16 and received a scholarship to ride on a college team at age 17. When she was 18 she was hit by a car from behind while on her bicycle and was severely injured. To regain her fitness she pushed herself to ride 2,935 miles across the country solo on a bicycle. After completing this she set her sights even higher to breaking the world record!


You may not be a cyclist that is aiming to break a world record, but you may be someone who can break a record at Urban Escape Games! In order to break our game records, you have to work hard as a team and focus all your time and energy on what you are trying to accomplish during your game time in the room. Amanda has a strong team with her parents cheering her on and other experienced cyclist keeping her company. Strategizing and be organized like Amanda, can be very beneficial to your team being successful in our games. Also, playing more of our games and getting experience will assist you. We are very excited for Amanda Coker and some of our staff had the opportunity to cheer her on last week and talk to her mom, as Amanda was busy riding trying to break another world record!

To make a reservation with Urban Escape Games and try to break one of our escape game records, go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.