We want to provide our customers with helpful tips to locating us in Alpharetta, just north of Atlanta, so that everyone gets to our location on time and with no problems. Sometimes our customers have trouble getting to our location to play our escape rooms and we joke around with them and tell people that getting here is just the warm up to our escape games, but we want to change this so that no one has any problems.

We have tested many different location services to see which ones bring you to our location and we found that Waze, Bing, and google maps are the most accurate. We also found that Apple maps will lead you near our location, but not right to our front door. We are located in a one story office building and this can sometimes confuse people because they are expecting a large stand-alone building. We have signs out on the streets to help guide people right to our door as well. Also, on our website you can type in your phone number and it will send our address right to you phone to make finding out location as easy as possible. We are doing everything we can to assure that people don’t have any trouble getting to our location. Below is an overview of the helpful tips to get to our location:

Helpful Tips to Locate Us

  • Our address is 20 Mansell Court East, Suite #275, Alpharetta, GA 30076.
  • Waze, Google, and Bing will take you right to our front door. Other location services such as Apple Maps or car GPS devices only get you close.
  • We are located in a one story office building plaza at the corner of Warsaw Road and Mansell Court East.
  • If you have any trouble finding us, please give us a call at: 678-805-2189