This week, our conference event director, Merrill Oakes had the opportunity to speak live on the North Fulton Business Radio show! As the conference event director, Merrill, was very excited to have this opportunity to tell local listeners about Urban Escape Games and inform them of our newest addition to the company, our conference Escape Game. Our conference Escape Game allows us to bring our Escape Game experience to large conferences or corporate offices, instead of them coming to our facility. We are the only Escape Game company in the country that is able to bring escape games to conferences and host very large groups; we recently hosted a group of 1,400 people!

During Merrill’s time on the air he was asked different questions about Urban Escape Games like where the idea came from to start an Escape Games company and about the different themed Escape Games we offer. He then explained our four different themed game rooms which are our FBI Mafia Investigation, Jewel Heist, CDC Lockdown and the Magicians Room. Merrill is also on the design team at Urban Escape Games so he talked a little bit about his background in IT and how he has been able to use that to design the different technology throughout the games. At one point during the interview he was asked if most people that play ours games escape, and the answer is that not everyone escapes our room, because we have a 37% escape rate, but like Merrill said in during the show, “100% of people have a good time and that’s what matters most.” Teams are always telling us how much fun they had and how Urban Escape Games is the best corporate team building activity they have ever done.

To listen to the full radio show click here.

To make a reservation or to get more information about our conference Escape Game, please go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189