At Urban Escape Games there are many different locks found in our Escape Games. Your team is locked in our rooms, well not really, but we make it feel like your locked in one of our escape rooms and have an hour to crack codes, solve riddles, and unlock locks in order to escape the room in under an hour. Below is a list of the different locks and how they all work:

  • First you have your typical “high school” number lock. The way it works is you turn the dial to the right to get to the first number, then you turn it to the left and pass the second number once before landing on it, then you turn it to the right directly to the last number.
  • The second type of lock is a word lock. This lock has a series of letters on it and when you put the letters correctly in the lock from right to left and spell a word then the lock will open. For example, the correct word to open the lock pictured below is TESTS.
  • The third type of lock that you might find in our games is a number lock. The numbers have to be entered into the lock from the top to the bottom in order for the lock to open. This is probably the easiest lock we have in our games.
  • The Fourth type of lock that can be found in our games is a directional lock. This is a lock that many people have never seen before. For the directional lock, the code might be left, down, down, right, up, so you have to move the lock in that pattern in order for it to open.

You can also find other types of locks in our games like standard locks that need a key to open. Also, knowing how to work these locks is good to know for our games but, even if you don’t know how to work each one before playing that won’t be a problem, just rely on one of your teammates to help. This is why teamwork is so helpful in our escape rooms. So come put your team or family to the test and see if you can escape one of our rooms.

To make a reservation at Urban Escape Games go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189