Urban Escape Games is a new, fun, and exciting birthday party activity in Alpharetta! Our Escape Games are the perfect birthday party activity for all ages because everyone has a blast and works together to achieve a common goal of escaping our rooms. At Urban Escape Games we focus on corporate team building so we are only open to the public Friday nights and Saturdays, and during this time we love hosting birthday events! Teenagers especially love having birthday events at Urban Escape Games because they have outgrown places like chucky cheese or catch air and want a new and exciting place to have their birthday party. We promise that your friends will leave raving about how much fun they had and about how they want to have their next birthday party at Urban Escape Games.

We can also host adult birthday events and many adults like to go to dinner and then keep the fun going in one of our escape rooms. Just this past weekend we had a 50th birthday event here and everyone had an amazing time. One of the number one questions we get asked about with birthday parties is if we have a space to do cake or dinner, and the answer is yes we have the space, but on the weekends we are using this space to start groups so we cannot allow cake or food. We normally suggest that parties go to Big Pie in the Sky or other local restaurants, or have cake or dinner at home before or after. If you book 8 people or more we put a special birthday surprise in the room and if you book 12 people or more you can a free T-shirt. So if you want to have a birthday party that all your friends will be talking about, call us today or visit our website, and we can help you set up a reservation!

Birthday Party Cup Cakes after the Escape Game