We love taking free team photos at Urban Escape Games to capture the moment and make sure that everyone goes home with photos to remember their Urban Escape Games experience! At the end of each game, whether your team escapes or not, we always take team pictures, which we make sure to send via email to everyone, free of charge. For our large groups, that divide into more than one game, we like to do individual team pictures and then at the end we do a large picture with everyone.

We love how creative our customers get with their pictures by coming dressed in costumes that go with the themed rooms they are playing, or by using some props that they find throughout the rooms to make for an awesome team photo. For example, one time we had a group coming in to play our FBI Mafia Investigation game and they all came dressed in police/FBI costumes to match their theme. Since there are no photos or videos allowed while in our Escape Games (that way we can keep them a secret) we love seeing people carry their excitement out of our rooms, and into our photo booths.

We have two photo booths, one is located in our briefing room and is bigger for our large groups, and one is located near our lobby and it is a little smaller designed for our smaller groups. We have a professional camera that we use to take the team pictures and then for our weekend groups, when we don’t always email each team their photos, we have a laptop computer where people can automatically text or email their pictures to themselves instantly. We love seeing these pictures shared on our social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #UrbanEscapeGames! Next time you come to Urban Escape Games, don’t forget to take a crazy team photo and share it with your friends, co-workers and family!



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