At Urban Escape Games we have the perfect way to get the Atlanta Falcons ready for the 2018 Super Bowl! On Sunday Feb. 5th 2017, everyone in Atlanta was excited while getting ready to cheer on the Atlanta Falcons in the 2017 Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. Many of us thought that this would finally be the year that the Atlanta Falcons took home that win! The Falcons had a great season and were ready to take down the Patriots “in brotherhood”. The first half of the game was amazing as the Atlanta Flacons were winning 28 to 3, but that quickly changed in the second half. The patriots then came through and won the 2017 Super Bowl in the second half. As a Falcons Fan, this loss wouldn’t have hurt so badly if we hadn’t been winning the first half of the game, it was hard to see the teamwork and communication of the Atlanta Falcons quickly decline in the second half.

The Falcons had the right strategies and plays to pull of the win but they lacked in communication and teamwork in the second half. For this reason, Urban Escape Games is the perfect place for the Atlanta Falcons to practice their communication and teamwork to better prepare for the Super Bowl next season. Our Teambuilding Escape Games are all about working together for a common goal (to escape the room), just as a sports team has to work together to achieve a common goal (winning the game). The Falcons would see their team mates work together in ways they have maybe never seen some players work on the field. We believe that with another year of team bonding and communication between the players, and growing “in brotherhood” the Falcons will be prepare and ready for next year. So, even though the Falcons may have lost the 2017 Super Bowl, Urban Escape Games is still cheering for them to RISE UP next year and win the 2018 Super Bowl!