Do you ever feel like you’re constantly on your phone? Taking pictures, looking at social media, texting your friends, or checking your emails? These are all things that most people do on a daily basis, especially the younger generations. Disconnect from your phone in our Escape Games as you solve different puzzles, riddles, and crack codes in order to escape in one hour. According to statistics, 50% of teenagers feel that they are addicted to their smartphones and 80% of teenagers check their phones hourly. The statistics about technology and how it is effecting and changing relationships and lives is outrageous. Many families say they are having a hard time communicating with their children because they are so addicted to technology and never put their phones or iPads down. But don’t worry, Urban Escape Games is the perfect activity for families to come and disconnect from their phones.

In our games everything that you need to escape our rooms are already in the rooms for you so there is no reason that anyone needs to use their phones during the games. In our Escape Games you solve a series or puzzles and riddles to try to escape in time. Using the interest will not help you very much in these games because we have designed all of our puzzles in-house so the answers are not found online. Families really love playing our games with their children because it requires them to communicate and share ideas if they want to escape in time. People also love coming to play with their friends because of the same reason, no one can be distracted on their phones and everyone is talking and working together for a common goal! Disconnecting from social media and technology is always great for families and friends to get to spend some real quality time together, and the best part for parents is that their kids won’t even care they aren’t on their phones because they will be having a blast!

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